Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ken Middleton reviews a Kala Archtop Uke

I just wanted to hear what Ken Middleton had to say about this. I like the overall look but not the palm tree in the fretboard. My friend Judy P. has one and it if fun to play. Plus it's got a built-in pick-up.


  1. Very well done job. Karla Kane of the Bay Area band, The Corner Laughers (my favorite band with uke), now uses one in peformances, and anyone wanting to see the uke in action can watch -

    Corner Laughers w/Scott Rhoades - Underwear

    The Corner Laughers As Tears Go By [Rolling Stones Cover]

  2. Jeff,

    i played one like this a few years ago and it was exceptionally smooth....

    i don't remember a 'palm tree' in the fretboard so it may have been a 'cheaper' model?

    regardless, yes, it was fun to play :)