Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jackson Browne || Sky Blue and Black

Many years ago I went out to run around the San Leandro High School track and met a guy close to my age named, Jeff Exline. Jeff was a single guy that loved music and life. He had suffered through some sorrows and regrets earlier in his life but was taking full charge of creating a better life for himself. Last I heard he was up in Healdsburg, CA. Jeff was a great fan of Jackson Browne melancholic songs and soon I began to savor each new album too.

I have wanted to sing a Jackson Browne song with ukulele accompaniment and I think Chordie's version has a good feel on my Low-G-Uke. Here's the Chordie link...

And for those Humble Baritonics (Baritone Ukuleles) DGBE tuning

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