Monday, January 18, 2010

EcoDougie || UkeCrazyB_tches || Middle Eastern Uke Styles

Yes, let's get a little uke crazy!
This thread starts with EcoDougie.
The uke-internet-surfer of global proportions.
EcoDougie led me to a link for a another uke site.
A few of my favorite YT ukers contribute to it.
RussBuss, Deach, UkiSociety, . . .
These uke photos are showing the E-X-P-L-O-S-I-O-N !!!
(found this on the UkeCrazy site, oh yeah!)


  1. Really like the teardrop shape, brings to mind Brian Jones and the Vox teardrop guitar in the 1960s. The soundhole designs are visual treats in themselves. So much nicer than the same-old, same-old, tiresome figure-eight shape. Excuse my yawning...

  2. @ Scoopy Doo Ron -- have you taken a gaze at the Canukes Medieval Style Ukes?

  3. Just back from Michael's site. Left a comment saying I agreed with you, and that every ukulele
    on the site was breathtakingly lovely. I've never seen such ukulele beauty, and I suspect that if I knew anything about dulcimers, I'd have the same reaction to his creations on that instrument.

    There's not a commercial ukulele company that would have the nerve to use any of Michael's
    designs. If you watched Aldrine's series of interviews at NAMM (and I suspect you did), you saw some very nice ukuleles, but nothing that would merit placement alongside any of Michael's treasures.