Sunday, December 13, 2009

Never Have I Seen an Artist Put His Heart & Soul into Such an Effort -- While his Ukulele Gently Weeps

Young uker blows Jake away! Jean E. sent me this solid video of a young performer. This performance is so good that you can watch it a second without sound and still enjoy!

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  1. I commented on Ukulelia about this and another of
    the youngster's videos they have up on-site, to the effect that these are two of the most exciting uke videos I've seen, and that the future of our instrument is assured and in very good hands. If he keeps up, the ukulele will move beyond Jake. I didn't think this would ever happen, and here it is beginning to happen right before us. This talent is innate, and counting the number of hours he has and will put into his playing is pointless, not that the bean counters won't try, of course.

    Reading the comments on Youtube can be an exceedingly depressing activity, and I wish I
    hadn't read so many attached to this video. Ignoring the hostility directed at the boy, I can't believe so many people thought he was playing a guitar, this despite the presence of the word "ukulele" in the title. It seems that the ukulele is not so well known among civilians as we sometimes fancy it to be.

    It seems also that I have a new ukulele hero.