Friday, December 11, 2009

A Friend Doesn't Always Tell You What You Want to Hear -- Uke U Memories

Jay & Jeff Sharing a Kamaka UCSC 10 DEC 09

Jay Holiday and I really got to know each other during a Rhan Wilson Uke U class and then continuing while doing the garage band scene as the Uklectics. I took the class to learn how to perform and sing more confidently. But, I have never really sung out with confidence. Rhan is the most encouraging and supportive teacher and Jay was always after me to push it harder, to give more, and it was often tough to hear his biting but true criticisms. He seemed to know there was more for me to give and that I had to push harder. A true friend is one that tells you you've got some work to do and is there to support you along the way -- Thanks. HU

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