Saturday, November 21, 2009


My wife, Wendy, and I are at a Country Folk Art Show in Pleasanton this weekend (20NOV09 thru 22NOV09). She makes Ceramic art all year long and especially likes Halloween and Christmas decorations. She has many items that have lighting inside that give a warm glow and decorate a home with a festive spirit. I am the salesman, accountant and assistant.

Wendy has been experimenting with all sorts of glazes on her Yard Art selection. Recently, she's done several sparkley dragonflies, green man masks, moons & mushrooms.

Here's two small winter scenes.

Check out that glazed frog!

Christmas -- Santa, Penguins, Snowmen, Pumpkins and Gourds


So what's this got to do with music or ukuleles. Nothin', but I came across another blogger, named Ian, working at a booth across from Wendy's. He saw me drumming on the table. He has a blog called someting like "The World's Greatest Drummer". So it was interesting for TheWorldsGreatestDrummer the HumbleUker to meet. Ah, music -- it brings us together in so many ways.

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  1. In an earlier lifetime I collected plates, especially the blue ones with winter scenes,
    holiday scenes with snowy, little European villages, horse-drawn sleighs full of bundled-up riders,
    churches. You can visualize yourself into these
    scenes with a soundtrack of bright, light Mozart, & just get lost for a while. Wendy's winter scenes are considerable steps up from those plates, of course, & you can send yourself into them just by staring into the photo.