Tuesday, November 24, 2009

W. Welti || Handel - Water Music - Air

Wilfred Welti has a new Glyph ukulele and is available in HD. Always a pleasure to listen to his arrangements. He also has a free booklet of fingerstyle arrangements. Look at the bottom of the Ukulinkies links for wwelti. This is a crisp and beautiful work.

Click the blog entry title above to go directly to wwelti's YouTube channel to hear more classical arrangements. HU

1 comment:

  1. You just can't say enough about Herr Welti's
    generosity towards those of us in the ukulele community, and I've no doubt, whatsoever,
    that his giving nature extends far beyond the
    four-string universe.

    The arrangement & performance are, of course, superb, though I've always preferred Handel's
    Music For the Royal Fireworks to his Water Music. Not even the tiniest of a quibble, merely an observation.