Sunday, November 22, 2009

WILLIE DEUEL || Sleepwalk

I know I already posted this. I meant for this to go on "Humble Baritonics" but since good buddy Ron Hale commented already it's just gonna stay twice. Great tune.

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  1. My 45 of the Santo & Johnny tune was played to death back in those simpler times when instrumentals were common on the charts. Then came the Beatles & wordless pop songs disappeared from sight; not socially relevant, I suppose, or deemed just plain corny in the new rock pardigm.

    Just did a bit of looking around, & S&J were inducted into the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame, as is only just, & with a touch of irony (intentional?), in the mid-'60s they made an LP of instrumental covers of the Mop Tops' tunes.

    Mr. Duell evokes nostalgia for those earlier days with his video.