Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fretless Cigar Box Guitar with Slide

Jason W. and Ashley S.
My oldest son, Jason Matthew, has always had a bit of an edge to him. He's now 28 and doing a job that he loves. He gets to travel to every corner and county of the state. He recently stopped in after one of his trips and had a thick beard going. He said he was going to grow it ZZ Top style: long and grey, well atleast long.
When Jason was younger he and I would play the recorder together. He had a great ear so we bought him a nice used saxophone. Within a week he could play it by ear. He was playing the Star Spangled Banner! Now Guitar Hero has been his tool for unwinding. I want to build him a fretless 3-string box guitar with a glass slide and a pick up -- much like one played here. I think it would be fun for him and fit in a bit better with the ZZ Top motif.

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