Saturday, November 28, 2009


I asked Colin Tribe to fill me in on the latest "Uniquelele" ukulele book and DVD news. I knew the book was near completion and after meeting Colin with his official colorfully spotted soprano ukulele at my home and displaying his masterful artistry on the ukulele I knew I needed to get a copy in my humble library.

I had requested song tablatures from Colin earlier in the year and he makes very professional looking tablature as well as great notes for each song. Here’s a breakdown of what Colin is offering for sale at quite modest prices.

Here's Colin's contact info and descriptions of what he has to offer.

1) I have written a method called "Uniquelele" on this style of playing that costs $25 and comes in PDF format. It contains graded arrangements, exercises and a section on how I arrange music for the ukulele. There is also a DVD demonstrating the material in the book which also costs $25 including p&p that I will post to you.


p2 Introduction
p4 Chapter 1 Reading and Understanding the Music
p6 Chapter 2 Playing Melodies on Single Strings
p13 Chapter 3 Playing melodies with chords
p15 Chapter 4 Playing a melody with a bass line
p16 Chapter 5 Playing melodies with harmonies and chords
p18 Chapter 6 Basic Strumming
p22 Chapter 7 More about Right Hand techniques
p29 Chapter 8 Bass Notes in Uniquelele arrangements
p37 Chapter 9 Anatomy of the Ukulele
. 1) The Notes
. 2) The Chords
p45 Chapter 10 Arranging a Melody
p48 Tunes with Study Notes
. 1) Black Velvet Band
. 2) Suo Gan
. 3) Skye Boat Song
. 4) Sloop John B (including a guide to transposing songs).
. 5) Misirlou

2) I have also put together DVD's demonstrating all my material on youtube. You choose any 4 songs and you will get a PDF sheet of “Study Notes" and a 10-15 minute Tutorial on each one. Left and Right hand techniques are described and there is also analysis and explanations of the song itself. These sell for $30 per DVD including p&p.

First reactions to both the book and DVD's has been excellent.

Colin also said, “In many ways San Francisco was the highlight of the whole trip… S.F. seemed to have more Ukulele players per square inch than anywhere else! With the added pleasures of you (HU) and your friends (Byron, Tim & Ryan) company it was a great week."


  1. Cool. I like "Daniel" too on his YT channel. So how do I get in touch with Colin to order some of his materials? Does he have a PayPal / download materials URL? Thanks.

  2. I managed to get Colin Tribe's email and asked him how to order his eBook 'Uniquelele'. His reply was to send him an email order and he'll reply with a PayPal.

    After payment, I promptly received a reply with the eBook! Great teaching materials!!