Sunday, November 29, 2009

CLUB CICADA (A Ron Hale Favorite)

Ron Hale is a frequent commentor on this Humble Uker blog and has mentioned this Club Cicada and their musical events several times. They are in Southern California but provide live performances and videos of previous performances. If you see this post just seconds after it's posting you can see Ian Whitcomb performing at 8:00pm. Club Cicada broadcasts each show on Sunday nights and you can watch archived shows online.
Ron -- would you please send me an e-mail and let us all know what you think we should know about the Club that you are so found of?


  1. Speaking of Ian, today I began reading his, After The Ball: Pop Music From Rag To Rock (1972). Just a couple of quick quotes from the first three pages I read -

    ...though the Beatles and their followers had kicked out history and tradition (not to mention good manners and decency), I could still make a case for this mouldy old music that continued to move me. I mean, when Jolson sang "Swanee" on that scratchy 78, my heart jumped, and continues to jump.
    And for the younger ones, in need of the electric shock treatment, there was the anvil clang of Heavy Metal to knock any free thought out of the marshmallow heads of 1970s youth.
    There - I've said it and I don't care!

    Ian calls the book, "a rattling good read,"
    and I can't disagree.

  2. Continuing from the above -

    Poor ragtime! Real, classic, timeless ragtime -
    fine art form - has been much misunderstood, like Mae West. When I played a rag recently to a friendly rock record producer he knocked his knees, kicked his heels, crying 'A scooby-doo, a razzmatazz - you're just like Julie Andrews, man!' Jesus wept! [IW]

    No doubt from a great belly laugh...[RH]