Sunday, October 18, 2009

Swedish Engineering = Music Inspires Exercise

My ace research assistant Jean E. has found another fun musical video...


  1. Amazing, yes, but an accident is inevitable. There must be a completely different liablilty system there. Over here, lawyers would be camping-out by the steps, just
    waiting for someone to get hurt and/or cause someone else to get hurt. I can see someone trying to play an actual melody jumping between steps & missing, or groups trying to play songs together & someone missing a step, bumping someone else. In the video, people were jumping on the steps.

    And unless just simply walking step-by-step produces some sort of interesting melody, the gimick is going to get really old, really boring, really annoying, really fast. Just hearing scale tones is not going to be amusing for long.

  2. Oh Ron - Must you always be so practical! I do agree this is quite limited and would become annoying quite quicky. The floor piano made popular in the Tom Hanks movie BIG might be more practical on a playground walkway.