Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Lady Who Brings the Vintage Ukulele Era Naughtiness to Song...

I have been posting a few pieces of artwork lately. In the art we find the beloved -- music, ukulele and fun. This art is a Disney-esque portrait of Janet Klein in repose with her ukulele and Bambi's forest of friends. Janet's albums all have that vintage era energy and the teasingly naughty side of the 1920's musical era.



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  1. Some of Janet's own artwork is displayed in Rock That Uke, of course. And she describes in The Jumping Flea, how all of the songs she sings about bluebirds led her to have Tony Graziano build her the bluebird uke she shows off in that video & plays in Lonely Little Bluebird, above.
    It goes without saying that it's a wonderful instrument (but I'll say it anyway).

    However, for all the attention she receives in the
    ukulele world, she is first & foremost a singer these days.
    The actual amount of ukulele playing she puts in during one of her shows, ala those at L.A.'s Cicada Club (Broadcast Archive, clubcicada.com) is very limited; Ian Whitcomb assumes the vast majority of uke & banjo uke time (with her Parlor Boys). I was quite surprised by this the first time I watched (online) one of her two-hour (two sets) shows there, & fantastic shows they are. The same principle applies to the amount of ukulele playing she does on her CDs (at least the one with which I'm familiar, Ready For You).