Friday, October 2, 2009


The ukulele tribes have gathered around the firepit for the ceremonial ukulele sacrifice. Peter and Donna Thomas, Andy and Pam Andrews, Sandor (Shawn-Door), Jayme Kelly Curtis and Jay Holiday are up and about the fire closeup. Hundreds of ukulele players were gathered in the flesh or in spirit to celebrate. The camera pans across the darkness for those lurking ukulele strummers. Then the sacred words are spoken, "Oh when the sun beats down and..."

(Accordians? Yeah! Them 2. I mean 2 of them.)


  1. It's hard to believe these days, but there was a
    time in the dim, dark, distant, past when people
    were content simply to watch Star Trek. Then a line was crossed & now we have Trekkies.

    Today, for many it seems merely playing the ukulele just is not enough, another line is being crossed, & it appears we can add the term Ukies to our vocabulary. And it's difficult to imagine a louder, prouder, declaration of the Ukie ethos than Burning Uke.

  2. Thanks Ron,

    Nice to hear from you again. Many people have a hard time finding local players with which to play and develop - YT has opened many doors to people with shared interests. This humble 4-stringer allows us to be in the music world and not just a spectator. The line was drawn in the sand and we stepped over. HU