Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wendy's Ukulele Talents (Wife of HU)

Harmony Front (The bee would buzz!)

Wendy did a paint job on the back of an old Harmony ukulele a couple of years ago. She casts, cleans, paints and fires ceramics as nearly a full time job. She had painted some gourd shapes with this flower and I asked her to paint one on this uke too. It really stood out on the black background. Does anybody out there know the person that has this uke now? I sold it on eBay quite a while ago.


  1. how could you part with it?? It is so very beautiful!

  2. I loved the little black uke with red strings but my fingers were less dexterious and I was looking for the magical ukulele that would magically fit my fingers and let me play 10 times better. Foolish uker! HU