Saturday, August 1, 2009


Some of my friends have been telling me about an article that they read in the paper about a new Ukulele Store in San Jose. I had to go to South San Jose last Friday and I was able to complete my work quite promptly so I decided to go to San Jose's small Japan Town area and check it out. The store is near the corner of 8th Street and Jackson and not to far away from the Highway 101 and 880 interchange. (Sorry if this is meaningless to you.) The shop is small, only ukuleles. They had a nice range of ukuleles available. I would guess about 50-60 ukuleles. Including Ohanas, Kamakas, and Koalohas.
Another surprise for me is that Rodney Takahashi was sitting next to one of the owners playing sweet melodies. Rodney and Michelle Kiba will teaching Ukuleles classes nearby in the upcoming months. Rodney is a highly skilled ukulele player. I told him about Ledward Ka'apana's "Killing Me Softly" and he almost instantly started playing deep into the song without a moment's hesitation - and he never played it before!
Shop Info:
Ukulele Source
Smiley & Janet Kai
Rodney Takahashi,

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