Sunday, August 30, 2009


Fun Film Magazine October 1931
Judy "Sweet Pickin's" Plicka, has mad skills on the ukulele, slide ukulele and bass. You can hear her experience and technique shine throughout the fledgling Uklectics songs. Judy does something else, she listens; and records everything we do on her little digital recorder. She also very graciously hands out CD's for each band member to listen to and work with during the week.

Chuck and Jay both did video recordings to varying success. We performed 7 songs but Chuck's battery was uncooperative and only lasted 4-7/8 songs. In the videos I heard "lispths" that I never heard in practice or on stage that day. Judy suggested to me that perhaps the video player battery power was just enough to affect the vocals that way and we don't perceive the lisps so much in the instrumentals. Jay got all of the songs but the video was a bit grainier.

I haven't ever added a MP3 to this blog yet because blogger doesn't make it a one-button-action. I have to store the MP3's on the internet and then address them by their URL. But I want to have a record of this musical starting point.

This will also include the last two beautiful songs Garota de Ipanema / The Girl from Ipanema. Vocally, I am where I am, and it is a vast improvement due to Rhan Wilson's UKE U class - But, this is where I'm at right now. A-a-h shucks!

Then Robbie and Jay sing one of our favorites, Tell Everybody I know, by Keb Mo. HU

(Jeff to load music ASAP)

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