Sunday, August 23, 2009


Patti Maxine - An ace of grace in any place
My good buddy Rhan Wilson keeps me informed about his live performances on KPIG radio. You can pick up streaming audio. Wendy and I were up early for a trip to Lowe's hardware store. Then we came home and fixed a broken sprinkler in the front yard, went upstairs near my work office and installed a nice sunshade. I stalled Wendy long enough so that at about 11:25 I turned on KPIG,, and listened to Patti Maxine's group with UCSC friends Celina "Sexy Feet" Gutierrez and mon ami, the Chancelour Rhan Wilson. Home repairs are much more fun when you have your friends playing live music for you on the Radio.

Hey Rhan was that you on the ukulele? Did Celina's shoes fall off again? Whenever I hear her sing that "Lovely Lanikai" song it reminde me of Helina's "Is Little Rhani High" with Jayme Kelly "Mona Lotts" Curtis dancing the Bong-Hit-Hula!

Patti Maxine's group with 1/2 of Santa Cruz County will be at Don Quixote's, 7pm, Felton,

Patrick Landeza Landeza, Patti Maxine, Rhan Wilson


  1. Hey Jeff, Wasn't it wonderful! Can't wait till tonight. I think it's going to be packed! Are you coming? You can just see them, can't ya? ie...the barefoot Lanikai girl, sweet little Patty and of course Rhan, he's everywhere. They are all so talented, and so are you! Just surfing around your blog again, way cool.

  2. Jeff,
    You goofball! Thanks so much for the kind words and for supporting all of us, even though you are up there in the Bay Area. Last night was PACKED and was great fun. A fine bunch of awesome musicians I got to play with, for sure. Take care.

  3. Barbara B, Judy, and Robbie were there and I heard the place was totally packed!!! Rhan - please keep me filled in about any more performances, or KPIG appearances.