Friday, August 21, 2009

Jake - Antebellum Instruments - Old Cigar Box Uke

I periodically like to check my link to Jake Wildwood's Antebellum Instruments blog. I have been looking at some of these "homemade" instruments recently on eBay. [Keni Lee Burgess has some great videos on YT with 3, 4, and 6 string cigar box guitars.] Some are fretless for sliding bottleneck blues. Jake takes pictures of his adopted and repaired instruments as if they were his children - click the title above to see this old cigar box ukulele entry as well has hear him sing play on this vintage instrument. Thank you Jake, HU

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  1. Re cigar box ukes - Elderly Instruments currently (8/22/09)has 5 cigar box baritones for sale, each with built-in transducer & jack so it can be plugged-in & played. They make for interesting browsing.