Monday, August 24, 2009

BLUES BOX 3-STRINGERS (El Jeffe's Sidetrack)

I have been impressed with these 3-stringers. I checked out Dulcimers, Balalaikas, Domras and then these 3-string cigar box instruments. I have had a real nice cigar box around for years now. Perhaps I'll give it a try. Click the entry title to get to the Three String Guitars ~ Primal Americana BLOG.

1 comment:

  1. Maybe we 4-stringers should start looking over our shoulders at the 3-stringers creeping up behind us, the way 6-stringers have to be wary of us.

    Dug a little deeper into the site's videos, & discovered Marcy Marxer demonstrating a prototype cello banjo. Not at all sure I like the sound, although I did like the sound of her 6-string electric cigar box guitar on a different video.