Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wheres UKE-O?

I was looking for Amanda on YT (previous post) to ask what she's done to her uke and came across a Disney movie trailer. Disney, has a strong-hold in Americana, and my heart, I guess. Took a peek at this movie that I'd never seen and voila! Even animation is getting in on the uke band.

On the same movie topic and way back in 1951, the glorious story of Gus Kahn (Danny Thomas)and his wife Grace LeBoy Kahn (Doris Day) came into theaters and now it's in DVD. Got it as a part of a Doris Day movie collection! Gus Kahn was a very popular music writer. The name of the movie is "I'll see you in my dreams". It has many old-time uke-popular and just plain old popular songs of that time that are now timeless: It had to be You, Yes Sir That's my Baby, Carolina in the Morning, Love me or leave me, Makin' Whoopee; No, no Nora; I'll see you in my dreams... There's also a ukulele scene in the movie.


  1. Jeff,
    You made the Saturday Uke Hunt list...!

  2. Most of these great old songs are in the
    repertoire of Richard Halpern's Roaring Twenties Revue. Coincidently, they're playing
    at the Cicada Club in Los Angeles tonight (Sun. 7/19) & can be seen live starting at
    8:30, & past shows can be seen at the site's
    broadcast archive ( Much more than just Richard, the site is a treasure-trove for lovers of vintage music. Highly recommended!