Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Think of it as SODUKO for your ukulele fingers. So you haven't tried tablature? I have found two songs that will be more familiar to the over 40 reader. Crazy Dawg has posted some very generic looking tablatures and I have chosen two of the simplest and that I found sweet sounding. You'll have to have the melody in your head first. I hope you take the challenge and enjoy these two. Crazy Dawg's TAB's are in the UKULINKIES at the right.


AUTUMN LEAVES (Check out the video on the Crazy Dog link)

Compare this simple version of KMS to Ledward Ka'apana's a couple of posts ago. I find it amazing that I came across this song again so quickly. I remember being about 10 years old listening to an old white boxy plastic zenith radio and it was raining outside my window. I was cleaning my Lincoln pennies for my collection. At 10, this song was KILLING me, softly. (ca. 1971)

e-mail COMMENT 7-30-09: Good starting place, says my buddy, Larry Martin "but, I think it would help if the names of the chords were written on the sheet. For many I think the words would also be a big help, as you said it would be a good place to start but, it would take some changes to make this a good teaching tool. I also went through several other songs (on Crazy Dawg), and was impressed."

I wanted to keep the beginner's eye's limited in distractions to start - but Larry, as always, is Right.


  1. My first impression is that this sort of tablature helps to figure out difficult fingerings, but it does nothing to indicate timing or rhythm. Great if you already know the song (and music in general) and want specifics, but (in my opinion) not a great way to learn for beginners to learn on their own.

    Certainly a help though, as I have just requested some tab for a song I have been working on. I already have the sheet music, but think that uke tab would help make the transision from guitar easier.

    And that is my humble opinion.

  2. Of course you are right Rhan. I wanted to give a less "scary" introductory view. A starting spot. In my ukulinkies I have several marked TABS, songs are shown like this...

  3. Dear Jeff,
    I don't get it at all! I am still a beginner, and have no idea what it means or how I'm suppose to use this info.
    What is a tablature anyway? Sorry it went over my head.
    Barb from SC

  4. Barb: TAB is just a way to describe how a song is played without having to read regular sheet music. Many people are content strumming chords but sometimes a few notes may be played as an intro and you might find it helpful to understand how to "read" it. The numbers tell you which fret to put your fingers on. The lines are orientated as if you were setting down your uke on the table in front of you and the tuners are on the left. If you choose to find out more. Here's the basics...