Monday, July 27, 2009


In Sunday's Bob Brozman class he spoke a few times about Ledward so I am placing these videos here for further review. His strumming is very much like what I have seen Hiram Bell do. The last video of Bob Brozman and Ledward has some hand details of some very sweet 2-string melodies. Our local good friend, Steven Strauss also uses these melodies in an entirely different way to create a soft subtle ukulele sound. Be sure to watch the last video carefully. Bob recommend that I record myself strumming a 5-minute loop of C, F, G7 and them playing around with the two string melodies and play and listen carefully. He said that humans have a great sense of when something sounds correct, "trust your ears", says Bob. Steven Strauss led me to that trough a couple of years ago - perhaps I'm ready now.

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  1. Led deserves mention with the very best uke performers, but you don't hear much about him in the on-line uke world, perhaps because he's seen primarily as a guitarist, a favorite of the slack-key guitar crowd.

    Had his video with Bob Brozman years ago & I believe he mostly plays guitar on it (memory plays tricks, though). Stumbled across him on Island vacations years ago & used to have one of his Led Kaapana & the New Ikona cds. Don't remember if he played any uke on it.