Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Moon River (My Huckleberry Friend)

Here's a photo of me with my busy little bumblebee, Wendy. We've been married for over 28 years now. We love to watch British Mysteries and old 'Merican movies together. We go through phases. Recently Doris Day movies (in particular The Glass Bottom Boat with Arthur Godfrey), Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers, Frank Sinatra, Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, Hitchcock movies, John Wayne (Hitari), Jimmy Stewart, etc... Love em'.

Breakfast at Tiffany's struck me as an odd movie, but I think it's time to watch it again. I want to see her playing the guitar and driving George Peppard nutty. Moon River is a sweet nostalgic song. Love AH in Roman Holiday, Wait Until Dark and...


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