Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kathy Quain / Recorded by Mike DaSilva

I went checking out my YouTube subscriptions and one thing led to another and I saw this video of Kathy Quain. I have seen her a few times at the Berkeley Ukulele Club and know she has an amazing voice and positively enthusiastic personality. She has nice ukulele skills and great musical timing. She can really brighten up a room with her singing.

I think Kathy has her own business using music as therapy. UkeGal Carol sees her regularly to work on piano and from the little bit I heard Kathy goes deep into performance theories and methods to become a better performer with her insights and exercises.

Kathy Q. please come back and visit the club -- I miss you! HU

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  1. Thanks, I will! Just a bit absorbed with drum circles and music teaching right now. . .but look forward to jamming at the Berkeley Uke Club soon! I'm hosting a wonderful Health Rhythms program at Kaiser Richmond in May/June. Let me know if you or others want info about it! My e-mail's

    My best,