Thursday, May 28, 2009


Peter Thomas is the President of the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz, which is the greatest monthly celebration of the ukulele on the planet. People are constantly asking me what the UCSC is all about. It is a long drive for me but well worth it for the comraderie and ukulele socializing. Plus I have to see Mad Dog's (aka Bob Rainey) latest ukulele acquisition.

But back to the point, Peter and Donna are also artistic bookmakers with flair and imagination. They make beautiful books including book in ukuleles and books on ukuleles. You can see some of their ukulele/book art at these links.

Main web site

Mystic Isles of the Seven Seas UkeBook

Cigar Box / Shadow Box / Tiki King Book

Ukulele History Book

I just heard that Peter and Donna are doing a class in Carson, California. Peter asked me if I knew anyone in the area to let them know. Here’s the basic information:

Saturday 9:30am – 4:pm Workshop 5/30/09: Exploring the Miniature Book I

Saturday 7:00pm Lecture 5/30/09: Peter will be giving a gallery talk and ukulele book performance “The Literary Book as a Work of Art and a Musical Instrument”

Sunday 9:30-4pm Workshop 5/31/09: Exploring the Miniature Book II

Please see Peter & Donna's website for more detailed information.

($100+$15 materials fee for each workshop)

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