Sunday, April 19, 2009

John Rockwell "Songwriting for Regular Folk"

In a previous post I briefly mentioned John Rockwell and his pdf booklet on Songwiting for Regular Folk It has practical ideas for the home based songwriter and MUCH MORE. Only giving a quick mention doesn't give it the attention it deserves for a truly thoughtful and inspiring piece of great ideas and extremely professional presentation. Sometimes, I find a diamond and don't really show off it's sparkling beauty. So here I want to give you a page by page breakdown...

(P1) Table of Contents

(P2) Encouraging Songwriting, Tell a Story, Play, Finding Your Style

(P3) The Song Writing Process in a Nutshell, Instructions to Special Diagrams (Very cool)

(P4) Circle of Fifths, Major Scale Cheater Guide, Common Progressions (YEAH!)

(P5) TIGHT Shapes for Chord Progressions

(P6) Broadening Chord Qualities

(P7) Progressive Chord Progressions (Snazzy stuff to do between chord changes)

(P8) Lyrics for Songs / Song Patterns / Melody and Hook

(P9) Ornament Notes / Embellishents / Slash Chord Explanation

(P10) Technology - Saving Your Ideas & Songs / Publishing & Recording

(P11) Songwriter resources

(P12) John Rockwell's song - Flukified

(P13) John Rockwell's song - I Love My Ukulele

It is clear that John has put a tremedous amount of knowledge and effort into this gift to the ukulele community. Sorry for the brief mention in the past. This is awesome! THANKS

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