Friday, April 10, 2009

Andy Andrews, John King, Jim Beloff

There are some wonderful recollections of John King in words and YT videos being posted on websites and blogs. Mike DaSilva, , posted this fun video of Andy Andrews singing Annie Lennox's Talk to Me, with John King playing background and then soloing. Jim Beloff (he's big in Japan) makes a cameo appearance in this video too.
Andy Andrews, is such an amazing spirit, he has amazing energy and is always incredibly welcoming. I love this video. Andy is a ukulele and ukulele memorabilia collector. He invited me down to his home once and I had the pleasure of sitting in his "uke room". It was that kid in the candy store feeling. Over 200 ukuleles, perhaps 20 Martins. He welcomed me to sit and explore while he took care of putting club song arrangements at his computer in another room.
There is a wonderful vibration that happens when you're playing a ukulele and you can feel and hear the vibrations of 200 songboxes all facing you and vibrating back. I also explored books of ukulele sheet music and collections of ukulele player photos. I could have easily spent a day exploring and playing.

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