Friday, January 23, 2009

French Ukulele Videos

Below is a link to a French speaking website. I think the .be means that it is a Belgian website. Alistair Wood reminded me of this site. This will lead the viewer to a new page with numerous high quality videos of a Bohemian nature. Some videos are featuring other instruments and most of the ones I looked at sang in English.

Al, posted this cute video on his site. But, I couldn't beat his choice so I used the same. Well I like it the best too. It has a great feel and it's fun to watch too. Click on Ukulele Hunt at the right to go to Al's incredible site.


[Clip de Cocoon. Morceau : Chupee. Réalisé par Marc&Sophie (aka marc cortès et sophie annese levy). Production : SoFilms. Postproduction: Reepost. Label: Sober & Gentle. ]

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