Wednesday, December 24, 2008


WS64 is an exellent musician and a prolific poster of music on YouTube. His fingers and chord changes move so eloquently that I probably will never get anywhere near handling any of his arrangements. Each time I see his videos I always wish that he also tablature for the song. The Cheers and Raindrops below both have closeups due to his artistic placement of the video camera. I posted the "I believe in Father Christmas" because I grew up listening to my older (step) brother Douglas Lindroos' favorite groups. He lived in San Gabriel, near LA, the center of his musical world, and gave me a love for his favorites: Yes and Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

Then watch wwelti's (Wilfried Welti from Germany) fingers on La Vie En Rose. I asked Wilfried how long he's been playing the uke. He said 3 years and 4 months and the guitar a couple of years before that. I also asked him about counting out the timing of each bar (when there's a variety of notes, including dotted notes.) He said that there's always counting but as you become more familiar with the tune the counting takes less attention (coming more naturally with the flow of the song.)

At the end I have Jonathan K Millers version of Mr. Grinch, it is a wonderful version

YouTube WS64 Cheers Theme

YouTube WS64 I believe in Father Christmas
(Emerson Lake & Palmer)

YouTube WS64 Auld Lang Syne – Cavaquinho solo

YT WS64 - Raindrops

wwelti - la vie en rose

YT JonathonKMiller – Mr. Grinch
(Note to Self: Use Woodshed’s pdf to add some of the transition chords shown in this video)

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  1. Never heard WS64 speak before, had no idea he was German. You don't hear a lot of fingerpicked accompaniments to songs on uke, most of what you hear are solo pieces, & I Believe In Father Christmas was very well done, of course. The Prokofiev quote was quite cleverly inserted into the piece, reminding me of the first time I heard it, which was in Woody Allen's Love & Death (it's been a while, I think that was the title). -- Wilfried Welti is a ukulele world treasure, quite accomplished for the relatively limited amount of time he's been at it, & generous above & beyond the call of uke duty. Shades of the Little Sparrow, herself...