Tuesday, November 11, 2008

COMPILATION : Safari: Hill & Davison, A.J. Leonard, KenMiddleton, GF Handshake, CaliRose Mayberry RFD

BOSKO & HONEY / UKULELE SAFARI / James Hill & Anne Davison
(Very candid conversation between Bosko, James & Anne in Milan, Italy on the Train)
http://www.ukulelejames.com/, http://www.annedavison.net/

BEARETUBE / A.J. Leonard / Tea for Two
Terry C. has a friend over for Tea and Ukulele. I really like AJ’s smooth style and rhythm changes.

KEN MIDDLETON / Stompin’ at the Savoy / Historic Savoy Slideshow too. He plays both melody and chord portions.

PETER C. NIXON / Instruction on the Geo. Formby Shake (Tutorial)

CALIROSESINGS / Mayberry RFD (Andy Griffith Show Theme)


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