Thursday, October 30, 2008

YT: LStrachey Songs, Site / IF I HAD YOU

Walt Disney & Cliff Edwards
I have been getting together with another Berkeley Ukulele Club member, Jane, to play and practice Steven Strauss arrangements for the most part. But other arrangements too. I had sent her some of Terry C's YT videos of Cliff Edwards. She latched on to the song, If I Had You. We played it and it is a very beautiful song. (see it at the bottom of this post) I decided to surf and look at the chords posted on the internet. Jane's got a good ear for chords. I came across Michael, a.k.a. LStrachey on You Tube. He's another Australian player. He claims not to be very good, judge for yourself as you listen to his playing. Lstrachey can be found on You Tube & Rollin Videos, here...

LStrachey - If I Had You

If I Had You Lyrics (1928)
by Ted Shapiro, Jimmy Campbell and Reg. Connelly.

[F]I could show the world how to [F7]smile
I could be [Bb]glad all of the [Bbm6]while
[F]I could change the [Am]grey skies to [C7]blue
If I had [F]you.

I could leave the old days behind,
Leave all my pals, I'd never mind
I could start my life all a-new
If I had you

I could climb the snow-capp'd mountain
Sail the mighty ocean wide
I could cross the burning desert
If I had you by my side

I could be a king, dear, uncrowned
Humble or poor, rich or renowned
There is nothing I couldn't do
If I had you.

LStrachey - STARDUST (Close-up for watching fingers)

If I Had You (Cliff Edwards) BEARETUBE Terry C.

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