Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tomas Kubinek / BUC Guest

Last night at the Berkeley Ukulele Club meeting Mike DaSilva introduced a special guest that had come to visit. His name is Tomas (Tomash) Kubinek and he made a ridiculous claim. He got up on stage and told us that he was going to put a glass of wine on his forehead and do a reverse summersault while playing a song on the ukulele... sounds ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! IMPOSSIBLE! He did it! And on part on the summersault he played the ukulele behind his back. Turns out he's a Worldwide traveling performance artist. Here's his website,
An interesting review from the Mobile Register, Alabama, "Suffice it to say that, between the unbelievably bad magic tricks, the chicken clucking, water-burbling, the hair standing on end, missing finger tricks, and absurd acrobatics, Kubinek deserves the title "Certified Lunatic". He also deserved the reaction from those members of the audience, who, had they not been so busy rolling around on the floor like mirthful marbles, would have applauded even louder and longer."

Tomas played a Fats Waller tune... You meet the nicest people


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