Monday, September 1, 2008

UKULELE TIDBITS: Songwriting, Mercedezzz Music

Buddy Ebsen ??? Cliff Edwards

John Rockwell has a pdf booklet on Songwiting for Regular Folk which has practical ideas for the home based songwriter.

Here’s a lovely video I came across with a soprano while searching out some worthwhile baritone tunes. Here is a dream spot for strumming the ukulele.

Here's another one of my favorites, Mercedezzz from YouTube. She sings so beautifully in English and Brazilian Portuguese. I was studying Brazilian Portuguese for a while and I'll tell more about that in a future rambling

I will survive on Banjolele
De Noite Na Cama (by Caetano Veloso, Brazilian)
Garota de Ipenema (Girl from Ipenama)
Bosko & Honey's visit with Mercedezzz (Slow Boat to China)
Humble Uker

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