Saturday, September 20, 2008


I hope Bosko & Honey don't get mad at me for using this image of Bosko & Narciso "Seeso" Lobo from their Ukulele Safari page. But my googling for images of Seeso were all too small. Googling is a word now isn't it?

Thank you Bosko & Honey. Enjoyed your special concert with the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz. Check out all of their great stuff at...


Seeso is a very talented musician that I have been following on YouTube for quite a while and sharing his videos with friends. He plays cover songs, originals and some creative duet work.

He says on his YouTube page…

"I play the ukulele a lot. I play other instruments as well, but I've been almost exclusively ukulele for about a year now. I don't play it to be cute or funny. I play it simply because I like the sound of it, the feel of it in my hands. I think it's an underrated, deceptively simple, and versatile instrument. "

He says he’s not perfection, good for him, he is talented and diverse in his likes and fun too listen too. What you should know is that he also provides tabs or chords with most of his songs on YouTube so that you can print them out and work the song along with him.

Below is Seeso’s cover of the Beatles Blackbird. If you double click the link below and then click the highlighted (more info) button near Seeso’s picture you can obtain special instructions, a downloadable mp3 and the tabs for the song.

Here’s Blackbird again…

You can find other songs by Seeso here… Click the “covers” and it will show a write up for each of his songs and the tabs or chords

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