Saturday, September 20, 2008

CALLIE // Thoughtful Songwriter w/ Ukulele & Cat

Owlphanumeric is a new YouTube name to me. She plays the ukulele, writes her own songs and loves cats. It is nice to hear her original songs…

I have been checking out her YT videos. She plays very effortlessly using first chord positions and keeping it easy. I think there's a lot of value in keeping it simple: black and white, simple chords, simple lyrics. It is effectively simple. Sometimes I like to just sit and strum, without a specific chord pattern or melody in mind. Just creating soft sounds with the ukulele. Your melodies and chord changes are perfect. Thanks

Beautiful Mind


when you open your mouth
lightning-bugs fly out
and circle around your head

when you open your eyes
you've the eyes of dragon-flies
that circle around your head

bugs and butterflies
your wings are a disguise to hide your mind
your beautiful mind

when you give me your time
your the spider's web-line
that circles around my head

My time (is your time)


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