Wednesday, August 20, 2008


My wife caught me with another ukulele the other day. I hadn't told her about it. She's not real enthusiastic about the ukulele but she's very supportive of me getting out and enjoying myself with friends. I just can't resist a good deal on eBay. I told her eBay makes me eVil. Besides being addictive Ebay can also introduce you to friends with similar interests.

I had been collecting a few photos of ukulele players and regularly bidding against a certain bidder. I used the eBay e-mail to contact him and asked if he'd like to trade some photos. We now have an eFriendship and I have an appreciation for a man with a mission.

So I met Terry C., who resides in Australia, and he turned out to be quite a collector and a man with a generous spirit. Terry is a great fan of the ukulele, and Cliff Edwards. He has created several videos on YouTube that take vintage photos of Cliff Edwards and common players from the 1920's and 1930's and makes a slide show to go along with old Cliff Edwards recordings. These videos are a pleasure to watch. Take a look at and enjoy.

Terry also is a collector of vintage Martin ukuleles and he really treasures the beauty of this fine instrument. He has been buying ukuleles from around the world and has the peculiar habit of making videos of the receipt and unraveling of the ukulele. (Envision Steve Ervin here and the way he would describe a BEA-U-TI-FUL critter.) Terry tells a story as if it were a rapturous event. As joyous as a 6 year old on Christmas morning! Perhaps this is an Aussie thing.

I am sorry to tell you that these videos are a private reserve. Hopefully Terry will bless the world with some more home-spun videos. He plays ukulele with a smooth, heart warming, old style which honors those vintage ukuleles

You can see a treasury of vintage ukulele player photos by watching Terry's YouTube videos. I have contributed a few photos. If any one has a secret stash of photos of Cliff Edwards with a ukulele and would like to share it with Terry let me know and I'll get you in touch with him.

Humble Uker


  1. You're off to a lovely start. I hope you will post frequently and at length. Your way with words is easy on the ear.

    Can't you beg Terry to post one of his receipt videos for our enjoyment? Perhaps when your bond of trust has grown stronger.

    Tally ho on your new web log. After the fox!