Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dueling Banjos for Ukulele

This is for my reference. I was listening to Garrison Keiller's Prairie Home Companion radio show while I was working on my computer this Sunday morning. He was trying to find nefarious banjo players but could only find mandolin players. The first mandolin player start playing "Dueling Banjos". I just had to google it...
Here's a photo of England's George Formby and his famous ukulele banjo. has many ukulele tutorials for strumming. I also have my old pre-Humble Uker ramblings under jnoteast there.
Take a look at the clawhammer strum. It will go along with the dueling banjo thread. Be sure to read the few paragraphs written by Richard Hefner.

Here's the thread. With several iterations trying to workout the "Dueling Banjos" theme. I think it's still incomplete but still a bit of fun,


  1. The link to Dueling Banjo's is not working! :(

  2. Dueling Banjos is what I wanted to see???