Tuesday, September 28, 2010

San Francisco World Record Attempt...

London's record is safe for now. I see many familiar faces in here and I'm sure it was another moment of ukulele player comraderie and bliss. Jean, from the Berkeley Ukulele Club has a nice little cameo appearance. Ukulele Dick is amazing as always.


  1. Hi Jeff, this was awesome! I am definitely going to purchase the documentary. Love it! Are you on Facebook? I posted this Ukulele Ike video of the girl with the cig. on my FB. I also put a link to your site on there, cuz I think folks would love it. I always enjoy this site. It is my favorite Uke site. Thanks again for all these amazing posts! Jeanne

  2. This is a really good and fun film -- so many of the people thare becoming the Uke Hollywood of recognized performers. Bill Tapia's life has spanned into all three mainland ukulele waves and is so much fun to see in person.