Saturday, November 26, 2011

Raymond Penfield || Addicted to Love


  1. Hi there Humble Uker,

    Thank you so much for sharing our little 'project'! We had such a great time making it and love Ray so much to do this for him. I see you are a fellow bay area resident!

    I've shared your site with a couple of my uk friends and we look forward to enjoying more from you!!



  2. You know how I feel about this, Jeff. My video of the year. This has all the makings of the top
    video story of 2011.

    When I stumbled onto it there were 0 recorded views. It's moving along quite nicely. But trust me, this hasn't even begun to take off the way it will. Just wait until senior sites/blogs find it.

    Speaking of blogs, bravo to HU for standing up and supporting Ray's little gem. As far as I can tell this is it as far as uke blogs are concerned. Sad. This is fabulous PR for our instrument. We should be lining up eagerly to promote it. Not ignoring it.

    Not just another uke video for us only, this is one of the rare ones for everyone. I've shared it. People love it. Read the comments to appreciate the effect this thing has.

    This transcends the usual standards for judging uke videos. It's not about star power. Not about gently weeping. Not about playing twelve parts simultaneously while tap dancing out multi-rhythms. Not about vulgarity. Not about inane uke cuties.

    We've seen all of these things before and some of us have had it up to here with them. This is better than all of that. This reaches deep down and touches our humanity.

    Rock on Ray. Never stop...